November Calendar

It’s hard to believe with Indian Summer that November and Thanksgiving are just around the corner. Remember Thanksgiving is about being thankful for all the wonderful things in your life, family, friends, health etc. it’s not about pigging out (or turkeying out) Enjoy the love and try not to overindulge. Keep in mind after November,…
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10/10/10 Special

To celebrate, Oct. 10, 2010 or 10/10/10, we are having a $10 off special. Enroll in any stop smoking or weight loss group hypnosis class and save $10. Simply pay regular amount and print out this blog. Bring blog to class and get a brand new $10 bill back. After all, 10/10/10 doesn’t come around…
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Group Classes Starting This Week

Thursday Sept 23rd group classes for smoking cessation and weight loss begin. These are 1 night classes held at a variety of different Adult Schools and”Y”s throughout the tri-state area. These are cost effective ways to begin making behavioral changes to enhance our lives.

Eat, Pray and Love Opens Fri. Aug 13th

The movie version of Elizabeth Gilbert’s best seller opens Friday w/ Julia Roberts in the starring role. If you haven’t read the book,do… If not, go to the flick. Gilbert, local Frenchtown author, also has a sweet tooth and always buys Girl Scout cookies from my daughter, Danielle. If you read or have read the…
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Never Too Old to Learn

I have an 82 yr. old client who has been very successful in achieving the goals she wanted to attain and believes in hypnosis completely. When I told her hypnosis is not just about curing symptoms and problems but to create a life you desire. She stated that she wants to live everyday to the…
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Few Classes Left Until Fall

I just wanted to let folks know that there are only a few classes left until the Fall. Tomorrow, May 20th, I will be at Mt. Olive High School, Cory Rd., Mt Olive. In June, classes will be held in Bloomfield, Edison and Flemington. That will be it until Fall. I will continue to see…
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Nice Email Today

I don’t know if you remember me or not, my name is Laura Clavijo. I did 2 sessions with you and I wanted to thank you for your services. I have been cigarette/smoke FREE for 10 months. I was hypnotized July 11, 2009 and I have not even touched a cigarette since July 10, 2009….
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Now on Facebook

The Hypnosis Counseling Center is now on Facebook. You can become a fan and interact via computer. Just go on facebook and enter Hypnosis Counseling Center in Search bar.

Nice Note from Senior Center

Last week I gave a lecture on hypnosis at Ridge Oaks Sr. Center and got this note. “Thanks so much for the presentation you did for our residents. I think most of them really enjoyed it. I guess you’re used to getting “interesting” questions. You’ve probably heard it all by now”. I am always available…
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Few classes left

There are ONLY a few group classes left until the fall, so don’t wait too long if you or anyone you know is interested. We are going green. If you are currently receiving the monthly calendar via regular US mail and would prefer to only get it through email, kindly let me know. No more…
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