Coming Soon – Maintenance Program

Although short term therapy has been the cornerstone of the practice, I have come to realize that sometime folks slip up. Whether picking up cigarettes after quitting or reverting to negative behavior re: food choices or any other behavioral changes, it’s important to get back on track. For this reason, I will be starting a…
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Happy Holidays

Just wanted to take the time to wish all my clients, friends and family the most joyous of holiday season. I am truly grateful to all of you who have come into my life and hope that is has been a mutually beneficial experience for us all

$8.00 Per Pack

With cigarettes at $8.00 a pack or nearly $3,ooo per year, it’s a perfect time for folks to finally give up smoking. With the economy being what it is, folks have to earn an awful lot of money to pay for this harmful addiction. I truly hope that this cost might encourage people to save…
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Article in Rutherford Newspaper

Locals look to kick habits with hypnosis By Colleen Reynolds Reporter RUTHERFORD (April 2, 2009) — Hypnosis no longer involves just a staring hypnotist swinging a watch while chanting, “You are getting very sleepy.” Barry Wolfson, director of the Hypnosis Counseling Center, conducted two hypnotherapy sessions for the Rutherford Adult School Wednesday, March 25. Wolfson,…
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Nice Article in Kearny Observer

The following article appeared this week in The Kearny Observer by Celeste Regal, Editor. USING HYPNOSIS TO BREAK BAD HABITS, BARRY WOLFSON AT KEARNY ADULT SCHOOL Barry Wolfson, Director of the Hypnosis Counseling Center, came to give two different sessions on March 5 at the Kearny Adult School. The classes – one on overcoming the…
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Now on Youtube

If you haven’t noticed, the Hypnosis Counseling Center is now on You can visit on other pages on the website and watch video on the Home page, Smoking, weight loss page, Stress page and “How It Works ” page. You could also go directly to and enter Hypnosis Counseling Center or Barry Wolfson…
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Article in Bloomfield Life

The following article was recently in the Bloomfield Life written by Jeff Frankel: SAY YES TO HYP-NO-SIS Can’t kick that nicotine habit? Having trouble putting down that cheeseburger? Want to accomplish something you never thought you could? Help is available – in the form of hypnosis. Using “progressive relaxation techniques,” the only tools needed to…
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Sports and Hypnosis Article

The following was part of an article in The Express-Times of Easton,PA Foul Shot Doc Barry Wolfson, others in field defend hypnosis for athletes by Express-Times staff Hunterdon County is home to the Foul Shot Doc. Barry Wolfson, a hypnotherapist in Flemington who specializes in sports psychology, believes he can improve athletes’ abilities through his…
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As usual, with New Year’s Resolution time upon us the Hypnosis Counseling Center has been pretty busy. It’s a great time to start creating changes in our lives, but we have to remember that changes take time. So be patient with yourself.

Videotaping for Youtube

Today, I did some videotaping about the Hypnosis Counseling Center for Youtube. It was somewhat difficult but fun. I taped five 1-2 minute segments for placement on several different pages on the website as well.They will go on the homepage, smoking, weight loss, stress as well as “How hypnosis works” page.This way folks can hear…
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