Nice Thank You from Client

Hi Barry: Thank you so much for your lovely letter. My friend Barbara Bloch must have been the one that spoke to you regarding my weight loss due to your program. Barry, I would be happy to speak at some of your sessions if you would like. I believe I came to Fair Lawn High…
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Barking Like a Dog

If I had a dollar for each time I heard that question “Will I bark like a dog?, I could probably retire. Not really, but it’s amazing in 2008 people still ask that question. Even though millions of folks have been successfully treated using hypnotherapy, many still believe that hypnosis is some sort of stage…
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Classes at Rutherford

Had two good classes at Rutherford HS tonight. There were 13 folks in each class. What made the classes good was the interaction and questions from the participants. In the smoking cessation class, there was a woman who is a newspaper editor. As it turned out, she knew a former client of ours that has…
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Welcome to my blog

Hi I’m Barry Wolfson, Director of the Hypnosis Counseling Center and this is my new blog.Here I will be posting articles, suggestions, and ideas you may find of value.Thanks for checking it out. Barry PS Feel free to email me at with comments and feeedback.