Last Saturday, I went to a memorial service for my oldest friend, who died due to years of smoking. He suffered terribly with cancer spreading to many areas of his body. I won’t wish that on my worst enemy. I tried to get him to stop, but he wasn’t interested. Unfortunately, he now left 2…
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Radio Interview Link

Recently appeared on Empire Radio. Here is link to short interview about hypnosis and why I do it. Barry Wolfson-8 10 17 Hypnosis

Important Info Group Classes

This Fall, starting in late Sept. we will be presenting for the 31st year group classes in Stop Smoking and Weight Loss in a variety of locations in NJ and PA. Typically Stop Smoking is 6:30-7:30pm and Weight Loss 7:30pm. We are adding BETTER SLEEP WITH HYPNOSIS Here is description: Do you have difficulty falling…
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Internet interview tomorrow Thurs. Aug.10th at 9:04am

I will be doing an internet radio tomorrow at 9:04am. click on the link https://empireradionow.com/studio3/ or http://tunein.com/radio/Empire-3-s285445/

Office closing

We will re-open NJ and PA offices on August 9th. We are, however, still working with current and new clients via Skype. Have you ever used Skype? For the last several years, I having been using Skype to work with clients when I’ve been away or doing research. It allows clients not to miss any…
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Be Healthy and Safe in Summer

Summer is a wonderful time to be outside and get or stay in shape. However, you need to be smart about it. 1. With the extremely warm and humid weather, you should try to do your exercising early in the morning or early evening. 2. Do exercise outside. (We are stuck in gym during winter…
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Why I Do Hypnotherapy

Summer’s here and the time is right for dancing in the street. So Enjoy. On a serious note, folks often ask “How did you get into hypnotherapy?” The short answer is my cousin Judy. She became a hypnotherapist after many years as a social worker. The longer answer is that I lost my Dad when…
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Weight Loss Tips

As you may not know hypnosis has been proven to be the most effective ways to lose weight. This has been established in studies at Yale, Harvard, Columbia, Mt. Sinai Hospital, Dateline NBC as well as by Dr. Oz. The cornerstone for every weight loss program is small portions of healthy, nutritious food combined with…
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Different Classes, Different Times

There are some new changes in our class presentations. We have now added a Better Sleep with Hypnosis class. This month, we will be doing classes only in PA. Monday May 15th at Main Line Night School in Radnor and Monday May 22nd at Rocky run YMCA in Media. In both locations, we will be…
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Two new classes coming up on Monday May 15! Better Sleep through Hypnosis + Lose Weight with Hypnosis NEW! BETTER SLEEP WITH HYPNOSIS Do you have difficulty falling asleep? Do you have difficulty getting back to sleep if you wake up during the night? Imagine leaving life’s cares and worries behind at the end of…
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