Nice Thank You from Client

Hi Barry:

Thank you so much for your lovely letter. My friend Barbara Bloch must have been the one that spoke to you regarding my weight loss due to your program.

Barry, I would be happy to speak at some of your sessions if you would like.

I believe I came to Fair Lawn High School on March 10th last year and started my dieting and your tape on March 11th in my home. I have gone from a size 16-18W pants to a size 10 regular size. Also wore 3x tops and they did not button. I am in an extra large regular size now and they button. No one can believe my weight loss and when the Dr. saw me he just said WOW. His nurse said this is incredible. I do not know what I weighed when I started my diet and I threw the scale away as you said. So, I have no idea what I lost, however, my clothes tell the tale. And this has been the most comfortable way I have ever lost weight. I am never hungry, I do not desire things I shouldn’t have, and I am peaceful and happy.

What else can I say? If it is your wish I would be glad to speak at some of your sessions.

Thank you for giving me a life of enjoyment. It is so wonderful to be in charge of what I eat, what I weigh, etc.


Audrey Dombrowski

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