“I was really struggling with testing anxiety, which was causing me to fail a required course for my college degree. In just a few sessions with Barry, my grades were increasing, I was passing exams, and my stress over taking them had diminished greatly! I finished the course with a fantastic grade and even better self-esteem when it came to exams than I had started the semester with. I would highly recommend Barry’s services to any friend who may be struggling.”
— Jenny L.

“Thank you Barry, for your help and wisdom. Through my recent loss of job and health concerns, my sessions, and your help, was greatly appreciated. As I emerge out of my warm blanket into a new being, I look forward to 2023 being the vision of our futures, enforced by our new thought patterns. Thankful to have met you. Have a wonderful season.”
— Laura J.

“I can’t believe how much better my anxiety has been. I haven’t seen another therapist since I’ve been seeing you and I somehow just learned how to relax when I am feeling anxious! it’s been a couple months since I’ve had a panic attack!”
— Karly H.

“Thank you Barry, for your help and wisdom. Through my recent loss of job and health concerns, my sessions, and your help, was greatly appreciated. As I emerge out of my warm blanket into a new being, I look forward to 2023 being the vision of our futures, enforced by our new thought patterns. Thankful to have met you. Have a wonderful season.”
— Laura J.

“December 2020. I was fired without notice from a 24 year career.

January 2021. My wife and I made a decision to divorce and at 49 years of age I went to live with my parents to facilitate the divorce process. Sold my home. Lost the day to day with my kids.

April 2021 my mother died after a battle with cancer.

Net net it was a lot all at once but no-one says that life is easy. Prior to all of this I was an anxious person. I had high levels of anxiety and despite my success in business and life had a scarcity mindset. Sleep was always torturous. for years prior. I would levitate off the bed at night. It was a struggle to control my thoughts during the day but at night I was lost in a tempestuous, relentless current of thoughts both real and imagined.I was tired and fatigued physically and emotionally. Years of this had simply caught up to me.

Fortunately at the beginning of 2021 I discovered meditation. I engaged a therapist. Due to my new drive times I was spending between my drive time and meditation practice over 2 hours a day working soley on the battle I was waging in my mind. I noticed a tremendous change. I was calmer. I was less anxious. I was more present than I had ever been in my life. Yet there was a piece of the puzzle that was missing.

On the advice of a friend I turned to hypnosis. I had no experience with it other than what you would see in the movies. I googled the local providers and did my due diligence. Bios were read. Websites purveyed. I will say I can’t be sure what drew me back to yours. I think it was the unassuming friendly nature of it.

I recall our first session. You explained what was going to happen. Talking as to what brought me there. I recall your voice as I drifted off into a different plane. I wasn’t asleep. But I was not awake at the time either. And through it were you calming words that were like balm for my mind. I slept like a baby that night. I did the work between sessions. I continued my meditation and breathing exercises. I listened to you in between our sessions. In fits and starts I slept better. I was calmer.

Things are different. I am not sure how. I cant explain why other than the process works. I wasn’t a skeptic going in but I am a believer now. I had been working incredibly hard on my mind going into your session but as I said your hypnosis practice helped unlock my mind to where I really want it to go. It was the piece of the puzzle that was missing.

My sleep is better. I am calmer. There is a dramatic affect on the days we have our sessions and it continues as I work between them.

Lastly, I think it is all possible because of the level of care you have for your customers. It is genuine. It is not forced. Your practice is not a business. It is a means for you to do what you do best, help people and for that I thank you.
— Anonymous

“Barry has been a HUGE help for me over the years with two giant issues. First, he helped me overcome my deep nicotine addiction. I chewed tobacco Daily for 22 years. I walked out of Barry’s office and amazingly never wanted to touch the stuff again. That was 20 years ago.
Good news and bad news, stopping chewing allowed me more time to drink alcohol! That too became a problem and with Barry’s help, I’ve been sober since 2008.
Last I am claustrophobic. With Barry’s help I look forward to traveling in small planes and can live with my Dr’s prescriptions of an MRI.
Barry has literally saved my life from alcohol and tobacco. Thanks Barry for all you’ve done for me and my family.
— Erik Anderson

“I took a seminar at Parsippany Hills High School 5 years ago. My last smoke was as I walked in the building and haven’t had one since. I can’t thank this man enough for basically saving me from years of unnecessary suffering and probably an early death.
A million thanks Mr. Wolfson”
— Richard Kaiser

“Hypnosis is amazing. You are awake and aware of your surroundings. Barry hypnotized me in 2005, to quit smoking. I was 3 packs a day. I haven’t had a cigarette since. Thank you Barry.”
— Katy T

“WOW—as a retired educator and from my own experiences, public speaking and reducing test anxiety are key to success. As a student, both were difficult for me. One of many recounts when I was a new teacher, I FORCED a student to get up and give a speech though she resisted. She had an anxiety attack, right there in front of her classmates. I was mortified—the stupidity of youth–never did that again and came up w/alternatives. I felt so badly because I had embarrassed and humiliated her in front of her peers…..never thought about it prior to telling her I’d have to give her a failing grade if she didn’t. OMG—–so many yrs ago, a good learning experience for me at her expense and of course I remember every second of that awful day.. It is wonderful that you are able to help people in so many different ways!!!! ”
— CV

“I was diagnosed with interstitial pulmonary fibrosis which is unrelated to smoking and remain on 4-4.5 liters of oxygen 24/7. Needless to say an intense life-changing journey since March 2016. I call it “my new normal” which it is but I am a “fighter” and am doing well. I read all your articles and enjoy the ongoing communication. I am smoke-free and have been since our sessions. My very best wishes and regards”
— Carmela

“I had been struggling with claustrophobia for many years. It was holding me back from traveling in trains and airplanes. I was missing out on travel opportunities, particularly vacations and experiences with my family. I heard about the Hypnosis Counseling Center and gave Barry Wolfson a call. After only 6 sessions, I was able to take my first airplane ride I over 9 years! The sessions with Barry, positive reinforcement techniques and personal CD helped my overcome a problem I thought I’d have to live with forever. Thank you, Barry, for helping me get my life back!”
— JD

Note from a recent client with “White Coat Syndrome” ( a person who has high blood pressure readings only at doctor’s office or before medical procedures):

“Just checking in. Had colonoscopy today. BP was a little high first time, couple of minutes later in normal range. Afterward, I was 130 over 58. Everything went well and used what you taught me and it was a good day. Now I’m getting ready to go to Hawaii again. Thank you. I’ll be employing several of your suggestions and techniques into my daily life.”
— Jim P. Princeton, NJ

“I have thought, for a long time, about weight loss through hypnosis. I know many people who have successfully quit smoking with hypnosis and I decided to give it try. I have been overweight (50+ lbs.) for about 20 years and I was tried of feeling uncomfortable and not having any energy the final straw was my watch was getting tight, and you know if your wrists are gaining weight that’s not a good thing. On October 7th of this year, 2017, I began my journey, 3 weeks in and I feel so different, in a good way, and I owe it all to Barry Wolfson. Barry sits and talks to you and gets to know you, and what your issues are, mine were definitely portion control and poor choices. Barry made a personal CD for me and gave me many tips and as I said we all know what we should do the problem was doing it! With Barry’s gentle, calm and soothing voice I am doing it, I eat smaller portions and definitely make better choices WITHOUT feeling deprived I haven’t felt this good in a very long time. I haven’t gotten a the scale yet I am waiting to go to the doctors on November 17th but I can tell in my clothes that there is a difference, and yes my watch fits better too!”
— Sincerely, Kerry

“I contacted The Hypnosis Center one evening after the frustration of having repeated side effects from a smoking cessation medication almost a year ago. In one session I became smoke free tossing the cigarette pack I arrived with, just in case. The two subsequent reinforcement sessions and the personal cd, helped me overcome the occasional nicotine cravings during the first month. Barry and hypnosis have made me successful in overcoming my smoking addiction!”
— Doris Kennedy, Sayreville NJ

“Thank-you for your help with my fear of driving over bridges! I recently drove over the bridge that crosses the Hudson in Newburgh, NY-a very tough bridge for someone with bridge anxiety. I drove over it and felt fine- no anxiety- I truly appreciate your help.”
— L.F.

“I’m using the CD which has had the effect I was looking for. My mind is substantially more focused and clear these days.

I have the results I was looking for and will continue with the CD and mindfulness meditation added in. I’m grateful for the two sessions we worked on together as you have good insight into what really matters in life.

Enjoy the summer and thanks again!”
— J.S., Hillsborough, NJ

From a Mom whose daughter ate very few foods:

“Since treatment I. has slowly but continually been trying new foods. She is still selective but does eat a good variety now. I do attribute the better attitude with her sessions with you so long ago now.
Isla is now 14 and a half and is growing like a tree. She will start 9th grade in the fall. She is nearly 5’ which for her petite size is great!

She is doing very well, though we lost their father (my ex-husband) last January. He was a lifetime smoker and had a sudden heart attack. So, as you can imagine it has been a tough time for us, but the girls have persevered and things are looking up for us.

When I read your newsletter your words certainly resonated with me and I will send anyone I know who is interested in quitting your way.

Thank you and I wish you many years of success in your endeavors.”

“Things went great. I was able to go out on the boat and snorkel and had a great time! Today we are going to take a jet ski tour around the island and I am looking forward to it! The Cd and relaxation exercises and phrase have really helped. Thank you so much.”
— Nancy W.

“I recently have had two major career challenges, both containing testing scenarios with voluminous amounts of material to study, dissect and apply. I contacted Barry Wolfson to see if he could assist me in achieving the goals I have set for myself. After a few short sessions I was amazed with the progress I had made. Barry Wolfson was professional, knowledgeable and understanding and formatted a program that was tailored for my needs. I would suggest that anyone who wishes to achieve their desired goals to contact Barry Wolfson and utilize his services.”
— G.F.

“Hi, Barry

I want to take a moment to thank you for your kindness today. It’s not easy for me to talk about this stuff and even though I did 3 years of therapy those issues didn’t come up much, because back then I still did not know that what happened was not right. It’s taken me many years to process this and realize how much of my power was take away in those warped relationships. But I really appreciate the kindness in your voice when you talked to me and your understanding of how this can affect one’s life and efforts in so many areas. It’s a big relief to be able to work through this stuff and finally (hopefully soon) put all this behind me so I can be free.

You are a good man. God bless you.

Thank you,”
— TW

“Still not smoking. I would pass on to your future clients, be prepared for the urges they will come and subside as well. Thank you so much for giving me my life back!

The hypnosis really helped me and I would highly encourage people to try it.”
— Jean, Rutherford


“This is a quick check-in to thank you for the cogent and instructive evening, for the valuable CD for weight loss which I am using 2x a day – once when I wake up, once when I am getting ready for bed, and for making it possible for me to have some success in changing my approach to eating … and I KNOW that weight loss will follow naturally.

Some feedback:

  • I struggle at some times of day with wanting to eat between meals, I use the breathing, drinking, affirmations, and tea. So far this has worked. I am not eating in between meals. Success. Incredible!
  • I find that I drift in and out of listening to the CD and I hope that this is OK… my eyes pop open at the count of 7 and I am very alert, which makes me think the drifting is fine
  • I am sleeping better – I think it is the relaxation just before I sleep
  • Eating speed and volume of good food have long been problems for me – I’ve cut my lunch and dinner size down to about HALF of what I was eating… and I cannot ALWAYS eat slowly but I find many small successes within every meal
  • I am not attracted to sweets. This is a major change for me.
    — Pat McKenzie, Denville


“Barry, I am doing excellent with my new routine. Just weighed myself this morning and lost 3 lbs. since last week. I am amazed that I haven’t had one weak moment yet (made my husband his favorite cookies last Wednesday night and I didn’t even want one…not even to taste…a first in 25 years!) Removing myself from the kitchen area when I eat was the most effective, although my kids tell me the food doesn’t taste as good since I am not tasting when I cook.

They are being really good about this which is good for me (and I think good for them as well). I also made it through Valentine’s Day and my 50th birthday having only 1 piece of my birthday ice cream cake…not a bite of anything else sweet.

I will call you if I think I am going back to my old habits again. Thank you”
— L. A. (from Flemington)


“I’d become very frustrated trying to quit smoking on my own. Hypnosis gave me the ability to just stop and put tobacco behind me without the intense craving and resultant loss of will that had doomed my previous efforts. Today I’m smoke-free and confident in my ability to stay free of cigarettes permanently. Thanks so much.”
— Chuck Winch, Glen Gardner


“Barry – just want to say “Thank You!!!!” – Today is my ONE YEAR anniversary of quitting smoking after almost 38 years, so – THANK YOU! Of course, I should’ve stayed and taken the weight control class”

I quit smoking

— Sincerely, Barbara Bennett


“Dear Barry, Before I signed up to Lose Weight through Hypnosis, I must confess I was a little skeptical. For most of my life, I have been overweight. Trying different diets made me very frustrated. I would lose some weight, but in time it seemed to find me again. For some time, I knew that I had to change my diet to improve my chance at a healthier future. When I saw your hypnosis class listed in a brochure for Bayonne High School’s adult classes, I remembered my sister Mary Ann had attended your hypnosis class to quit smoking. I was hoping that I could be as successful as she was; she quit chain-smoking that night after over 30 years of smoking! I decided to register for your class, though at first the only person I told was my wife. I wasn’t looking forward to the ridicule that usually accompanies the idea of someone being hypnotized. However, it wasn’t long before I started noticing weight loss! Around the time I registered for the class, I weighed close to 340 pounds. Now, 18 months later, I am very happy to say I have lost over 100 pounds! My weight is now at 230-235 pounds. I have been steady at this weight for the past few months, and I feel confident that I am not going to gain back the weight. My family and friends are glad for my health and amazed at my success. I only wish I had attended your class years ago!

Hypnosis Counseling Center New Jersey NJ Weight Loss Quit Smoking Stress Management

I am grateful to you, Barry, for helping me with my long-time problem with weight. I feel healthier now than I have in many years. I know I can keep off the weight I lost, because I have broken my bad eating habits. I’ve discovered that feeling and looking good is so much better than eating bad! Thanks again.
— Joseph Wojciechowski, Bayonne


“For over ten long years, we tried all the medical and psychological treatments available to assist us with a long-standing smoking problem among our students at the Woodbridge Child Diagnostic and Treatment Center, with very little success. Finally, we were able to hire Mr. Barry Wolfson to provide our emotionally disturbed students with a Smoking Cessation therapy group.

Mr. Wolfson’s groups proved to be very successful, and the resulting number of students who quit smoking were higher than with any of our previous therapies. It should be pointed out that besides their emotional disturbances, our students started smoking at a very early age (9 to 12). Even with these two major handicaps, Mr. Wolfson’s groups were a success.

As a result, we added a Stress Management group and a Weight Reduction group. Both were such a success that several of our staff members requested to be a part of one or more of Mr. Wolfson’s groups. With all of these accomplishments at our facility alone, I am able to without question recommend Mr. Barry Wolfson.”
— William B. Falvo
CEO, Woodbridge Child Diagnostic and Treatment Center


“When I left the seminar that I attended, I threw the cigarettes I was carrying into the waste basket as was suggested – without fear, because I had two full unopened packs in my car. Those two unopened packs of cigarettes were still there two years later! Thanks again … most of all for my continued, effortless abstinence.”
— Walter Browning, New Milford


“I thought you might like to know my progress. I am 60 years old, and I went to your class in March. I have since lost 55 pounds! I have 65 more to go, and I have really found that I have no problem in wanting things I shouldn’t have. Using the tape you made and remembering what you told me in the session are a very important part of my success. Thank you.”
— Margaret Maloney, Summit


“Thank you again for your most informative Stress Reduction program. We are all using our tapes and dealing with stress better than we have in the past!”
— Virginia Doris
Employee Health Administrator, Unilever Research, U.S., Inc.


“Mr. Wolfson is a dedicated employee who carries out his responsibilities in a timely manner. He is very dependable and has an excellent rapport with his students and the Adult School staff.”
— Dr. Vincent J. Capraro
Director, Adult & Continuing Education
Public Schools of Edison Township


“Dear Mr. Wolfson, It is over three years since I attended your hypnosis program for weight loss. I went from 186 pounds to 140 pounds and have remained there ever since. I am 83 years old and was delighted that my cholesterol and weight were reduced to normal limits. My blood pressure was also reduced to normal. My recent physical exam showed that everything is right where it should be! I am grateful to you.”
— Loretta M. Matthews, R.N., Waldwick


Hypnosis Audio Tapes and CDs

When I see clients individually, I make them a customized audio CD or tape geared to their individuals needs. Here is a recent email from former client:

I went to a weight loss seminar/hypnosis thing of yours, many years ago at Bloomfield High School. I got the tape of yours and listened to it all the time. Your voice has been everywhere with me on vacations, my honeymoon and even in the hospital. It has been my relaxing tape, my putting me to sleep tape, everything, for probably since I was about 19 or 20. I am 37 now. I don’t need to lose the weight any more, but I sure could use that soothing voice of yours. My tape is shot. I actually try and just picture it in my head when I can’t sleep or need to unwind. “Now just close your eyes and relax, and soon you will be more relaxed than you have in a long long time”. I tried to find you awhile back and couldn’t. I don’t even live in North Jersey anymore, but I do read the local paper online. I found an article about you being at Kearny High School. I would love a copy of your weight loss tape again or if you have it on a CD. It would be the greatest gift I have had in a long time, since my kids! LOL As soon as I clicked on the link and heard you, I got so excited. I would really love a copy of it, either that or you could come to my house and just read to me every night. There is just something about your voice that makes me feel so comforted. When my therapist asked me what could possible make me unwind and relax at the end of the day, I didn’t want to tell her you voice for fear of being considered a nut. LOL
— Jo-Ann Hopkins


I have had insomnia for 39 years. I have been to 5 sleep clinics.

The last clinic reluctantly admitted that my problems were chemical and had no answers for me. With no solutions and out of desperation I decided to try hypnosis. With none of my friends knowing hypnotists, I went to the web and began a lengthy search. Barry Wolfson was the choice that big corporations used so I decided to give him a try.

Barry Wolfson is a very low keyed person who listens to the problems and very, very calmly tells you exactly what you need to hear and do. Having fixed my sleep problems in 3 sessions, I decided this might work with other problems. In a few sessions he elevated my self esteem both personally and professionally and gave me the tools to put problems in perspective and to keep past troubles in the past.

Hypnotism is very different than I thought it would be. You are fully awake, you know exactly what is going on and you are extremely relaxed. For me hypnosis was immediate and worked like a charm. Barry Wolfson also makes a CD of what you need to keep hearing so that when you forget and revert back to feelings you don’t want, the CD enables you to instantly reinforce the correct message.

Hypnosis under Mr. Wolfson was effortless and makes me wonder why people go to psychiatrists and spend a fortune in both years and money with no promise that it will ever work.

I cannot say enough good things about how professional, kind, astute and helpful he was. He has actually changed my life in a relatively short time.

*One last note: Not even one time did he ever make me act like a chicken.
—- Erica Fischer