Last Saturday, I went to a memorial service for my oldest friend, who died due to years of smoking. He suffered terribly with cancer spreading to many areas of his body. I won’t wish that on my worst enemy. I tried to get him to stop, but he wasn’t interested. Unfortunately, he now left 2 children without parents.

I became a hypnotherapist because of my cousin Judy. She had been a social worker for many years before training as a hypnotherapist.

The real reason why is that I lost my Dad when I was 4 due to cigarettes. He was 50 years old. My Mom died when I was 25 and she was 58. Also tobacco.

Then, Judy lost her husband, Larry, on Christmas Day from cancer leaving her with a 6 year old child. Unfortunately 10 years later, she also died from cancer even though she had never smoked.

If you, your relatives, your friends or neighbors smoke, please beg them to stop.

It doesn’t matter to me if they quit cold turkey, acupuncture, nicotine replacement or even another hypnotherapist, JUST GET THEM TO STOP. If you haven’t seen what tobacco does do humans, you don’t want to.