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Although “life coach” is, in the grand scheme of things, a relatively new term … it’s not new to me. I’ve been coaching people for over 25 years. From athletes and performers wanting to enhance and maximize their natural talents to everyday people like you and me, who yearn to get off the treadmill and enjoy a better life … my years of training, experience and time-tested techniques create a winning combination that works. No need to spend another day feeling like you’re not achieving everything you desire.

Ever feel like Pavlov’s dog? Something happens and you have an automatic reaction … rather than doing what you know would be best for you. And the more you try, the harder it seems to be to reach your goals. It doesn’t need to be that way! As your life coach, I’ll help you create new responses and habits which will work for you (rather than against you), moving you in the direction of your dreams, naturally and automatically.

Life Coaching 2Your life coach, your advocate

Why listen to me? I’m educated and experienced (with a Master’s degree in Counseling plus continually-updated hypnosis training), I have a great track record (see what people are saying about our work together) … and I care. I talk about my success in terms of the number of people I help … not dollars but people. For me, life coaching represents helping people achieve a life they love to live.

“Life coach” can mean many things. In my work, it means that you’ve found in me an advocate for your well being. My work is 100% client-driven. We decide what your wish is, what you need from me, and my only goal is to help get you there. In my work with NBA All-Stars I learned to determine whether someone needed a pat on the back or a nudge to move forwards. I assess your needs and modify our plan as you make progress.

Customized life coaching strategy

It’s all about YOU. First we explore what changes you’d like to make to enhance your quality of life. Next we uncover what’s holding you back … often a pattern of negative behaviors or limiting beliefs. Then I determine how to best open up a pathway to improvement. I’ve got a variety of time-tested techniques in my toolbox, from which I create a custom blend just for you. This is customized life coaching.

As your life coach, I’m here to support you. Often the process is not a straight line from point A to point B. We work together as we go … determining what’s most effective for you, what feels best, tweaking things, adding techniques … as you learn and grow along your journey. And in the process, you’ll find your world naturally changing in positive ways.

“I have had insomnia for 39 years. I have been to 5 sleep clinics …
Having fixed my sleep problems in 3 sessions, I decided this might work with other problems.
In a few sessions (Barry) elevated my self esteem both personally and professionally and gave me the tools to put problems in perspective and to keep past troubles in the past.“

—Erica Fischer

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Barry Wolfson
Director, Hypnosis Counseling Center