Natural Awakenings Article – Taking Control of Unhealthy Behavior

Taking Control of Unhealthy Behavior

Motivated by the deaths of his parents due to cigarette smoking, Barry Wolfson, founder and director of Hypnosis Counseling Center, decided he would dedicate his life to saving people from their unhealthy and detrimental behaviors. Throughout his 28-year career as a mental health counselor, sports psychologist and hypnotherapist, Barry has assisted countless clients in improving their lives through hypnosis. In recent years, his focus has shifted from mainly helping end smoking addictions to dealing with people in desperate need of relaxation. The changing clientele indicates the high levels of anxiety and stress that cripple the population. In the various programs offered at Hypnosis Counseling Center, Barry, who earned his master’s in counseling from Upsala College, facilitates the freedom that comes when one is no longer saddled to unhealthy behaviors. He divulges, “helping people achieve their goals and empowering them to make positive changes in their lives is the best part of my job.”

Barry offers hypnosis at three convenient locations in Flemington, Princeton and Bloomfield. He specializes in individual sessions that are focused on enhancing performances in a variety of forms, including those with public speaking fears, self-esteem issues, poor test taking performance and even those seeking improvement in athletics. As a former college basketball coach, Barry works with clients ranging from youths to professional athletes in all sports, increasing their confidence through hypnosis and helping them learn the correct techniques they need to triumph. Barry explains, “Hypnosis is all about planting positive suggestions for behavioral changes on the subconscious level,” which allows people to experience success in areas they may not have been able to achieve on their own. Hypnosis Counseling Center also boasts a personalized life coaching program, a maintenance program to ensure long-term results and discounts for returning clients. Additionally, for those unable to physically attend his sessions, Barry is able to work with clients via phone and Skype.

Barry has experience teaching group classes for weight loss, smoking cessation and general relaxation in corporations, hospitals, adult schools and colleges. Soon he will be starting a program at Rutgers University, his alma mater, in which social workers, clinicians and therapists learn hypnosis techniques they can use with their clients. Allow the power of hypnosis to work for you.