Office Closing

We will re-open NJ and PA offices on August 9th.

We are, however, still working with current and new clients via Skype.

Have you ever used Skype?

For the last several years, I having been using Skype to work with clients when I’ve been away or doing research. It allows clients not to miss any hypnotherapy sessions.

Recently, several clients who are on vacation, have used Skype to continue our work together as well. Additionally, some clients that have run into difficulty traveling to our four offices have used Skype.

Lastly, successful clients have now recommended us to their out of state friends and relatives who can now use our services as well.

What is Skype?

It is an easy way for us to work via computer face-to-face.

Simply, go to

enter a Skype name (could be your name) and password and you are set to go. Even a computer challenged guy like me can do it.

Mine is hypnosisguy1.

We will continue to work with clients via Skype during all these times.