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Hypnosis to Reduce Stress

Reduce StressStress is something we’re all familiar with. Although it may manifest in different ways—eating on the go, inability to concentrate, constantly running late, being regularly irritable and tired— but we all know it when we feel it. If we consider all of the culturally-induced stress factors in our lives— pressure to succeed, make money, lose weight, be good looking, do more, buy more— it’s no wonder so many of us are stressed out!

In addition to external stressors, we also deal with self-induced stress. This “personal” stress is so deeply embedded in our psychological lives that we may not even know we are putting pressure on ourselves.  When this comes to a head, we begin to feel worse and worse, as if we are about to break— All this from stress!

Stress and Your Health

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention* as much as 90% of all illness and disease is stress-related and the presence of stress will make any illness worse. High stress levels are linked to heart disease, heart attacks, strokes, and suicides. Stress contributes to substance abuse, depression, absenteeism, poor concentration and decreased productivity. Stress can take a big toll on your health and well being.

Stress is not always bad. In fact, a certain amount can be beneficial. Positive stress motivates us in healthy ways to perform quickly and competently, build our confidence and produce creative solutions to problems. However, sometimes we lose the ability to balance positive stress with relaxation and play. The very stress that has moved us to succeed becomes the enemy, a constant force which we don’t know how to escape. So what do we do?

Stress Reduction through Hypnosis

Hypnosis can help. First we identify the situations in your life that are causing stress. Then we explore the internal and external sources of your stress and identify what can change. You develop coping mechanisms, so that when stressful situations arise, you are equipped to face them in more appropriate ways. You learn to take mental breaks that relieve the tension of your daily life. We work together to design a stress-reduction plan that is unique to your situation and you begin to recognize and avoid old patterns of response. This liberating experience will offer you a chance to live a freer, more enjoyable, and healthy existence.   Imagine a new you— with more enjoyment and less stress!

Reduce Stress

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