The Tuning Method

Life happens. My goal is not just to get you through your latest crisis but to give you tools you can use again and again for the rest of your life.

Being the eye of the storm

When an instrument is out of tune, it doesn’t sound good. When we’re out of tune, we don’t respond as well in the face of ever-changing life circumstances. We may react spontaneously or emotionally, causing damage to ourselves or our relationships. In our work together, we practice techniques that make you the eye of the storm … calm and centered. So when the stuff hits the fan, you’re ready to respond rather than react.

What is The Tuning Method?

As some of you know from experience, The Hypnosis Counseling Center has been using a terrific new relaxation technique called The Tuning Method with great results. It combines trancework with eye movement and breathwork, enabling us to become more centered, grounded and balanced when facing life’s challenges.

The clients who have learned and are using The Tuning Method are enjoying a more peaceful and happier life. It’s wonderful sharing this tool with them. The Tuning Method can be taught individually and is now being presented at selected locations in group seminars as well.

Learn how to be the calm and centered eye of the storm.

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Barry Wolfson
Director, Hypnosis Counseling Center