Hypnosis for Weight Loss

You know the weight loss routine: you decide to get serious and lose weight, so you pick a diet and are determined to stick to it. You may even see some success, but over 90% of the time that weight comes back* leaving you frustrated, discouraged … and feeling hopeless.

And if you do lose weight, it’s often accomplished on a diet you could never maintain for life. So it’s no surprise that old habits return and bring the pounds with them. You may be wondering … What can I do?

Weight loss can feel complicated.

We are concerned for our health, and extra weight clearly blocks our vitality and enjoyment of life. We read studies that argue about the role of genetics, and we know that there are psychological roots as well. In a world of unrealistically-thin beauty standards, super-sized convenience foods, and reality TV programs glamorizing risky solutions like liposuction …

How can we even know what good health is,

let alone attain it for ourselves?

If you’re feeling disappointed and hopeless about weight loss, I understand. Attempting weight loss by yourself can be a frustrating experience. Or maybe you’re ALSO concerned about your child or teen establishing healthy eating patterns or wishing your picky eater would expand their food choices. I understand these frustrations too. Many of my most successful clients first came to me feeling exactly the way that you do.

“For most of my life, I have been overweight. Trying different diets made me very frustrated. I would lose some weight, but in time it seemed to find me again. I decided to register for your (hypnosis) class … It wasn’t long before I started noticing weight loss! 18 months later, I am very happy to say I have lost over 100 pounds! I have been steady at this weight for the past few months, and I feel confident that I am not going to gain back the weight. My family and friends are glad for my health and amazed at my success. I only wish I had attended your class years ago!”

—Joseph Wojciechowski, Bayonne, New Jersey

We will only achieve a healthier body

if we first can achieve a healthier mindset.

Many people approach the issue of weight loss backwards. It’s not just about food. Attitudes toward our bodies and ourselves also play critical roles in our physical behaviors and resulting health. If we get beneath the surface of our understanding about food and dieting and look at the psychological factors involved, we can revolutionize our mindset and change our relationship to food forever.

Weight Loss LeftFood shouldn’t be our best friend, but it doesn’t have to be our enemy. With the right approach, weight loss doesn’t need to be a struggle.

Weight loss with hypnosis

Hypnosis can help overcome the obsession with weight and food that is such a common vicious cycle. It can help you achieve the healthy attitude you need to lose the weight you want to lose and keep it off. In fact, an episode of NBC’s Dateline* reported hypnosis as the most effective way to achieve weight loss.

Weight Loss Right

With a Master’s degree in Counseling in addition to my hypnosis training, I offer a unique and highly successful approach.

First, we assess what your experiences have been and what your patterns are. Then we delve into the subconscious elements that are contributing to unhealthy attitudes. We develop a plan that is unique to your needs and create a personalized weight loss audio for you which reaffirms the positive messages you need to get healthier each day.

Every health professional will tell you, “slow and steady” is the best way to lose weight if you plan on keeping it off. Through hypnosis, you can put down the guilt-and-reward approach to weight loss, enjoy a variety of foods again, and see tremendous progress.

“I am grateful to you, Barry, for helping me with my long-time problem with weight. I feel healthier now than I have in many years. I know I can keep off the weight I lost, because I have broken my bad eating habits. I’ve discovered that feeling and looking good is so much better than eating bad!”

—Joseph Wojciechowski, Bayonne, New Jersey

You can enjoy the vitality and quality of life
which comes with lasting weight loss.

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Barry Wolfson
Director, Hypnosis Counseling Center



* Statistics from The Center for Disease Control: http://www.cdc.gov

As seen on Dateline NBC’s “Losing It: The Ultimate Diet Challenge” http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3032600